Our Story

Matebiz, established in 2016 with a small team consisting of three office mates, constructed the superior service provider of website design, development and digital marketing called Matebiz. The group was small, but their vision was big. It took just about a few months to attract more and more people to this unconquerable organization that stands out today regarding excellence, reliability, and creativity.

Earlier known as Matebiz, it started functioning as a Private limited company on 31st March 2021. Therefore, Matebiz is presently known as Matebiz Pvt ltd. We are proud of our recent development and status. We strive to grow further and continue to deliver exceptional services all the way. We ensure your complete satisfaction in terms of quality and timeliness as per the agreed-upon deliverable.

Our Mission

Since we started our organization with a small team, we visualize all organizations as the same. We do not believe in underestimating any business regardless of its size or share capital. Our ultimate goal is to offer our clients a remarkable online presence within their budget range, whatever it may be. Matebiz is flexible enough that way. By keeping our mission intact through the years, we have successfully changed the image and presentation of numerous websites and given them a new life of their own. Our fabulous journey can make your business more interective to the users. We know that every business is not perfect but we can help them making it perfect.

Our Vision

In today's trend of virtual presence and everything digital, every organization strives to be at the top in the market. Matebiz considers no less. We take pride in delivering quality website design and development and digital marketing services to our valuable clients at their preferred budget range. We not only consider our vision and mission as our duty, but we are also passionate enough to keep it intact as we have been doing it over the years. We do not believe in giving excuses. We do not prefer saying that the work handed to us is not done because of less time or that the quality of work is hampered by inadequate time. We believe in absolute professionalism.

Wondering Why Known As "Matebiz"

As mentioned, the story of Matebiz started with the courage, expertise and initiative of three "Mates" wanting to have a "Biz" or business by joining hands together in their area of expertise with a dream to convert their vision into reality. Matebiz began as a partnership firm in 2016 with partners Mr Manoj Sharma, Mr Saddam Irshad and Mr Bhavnath Choudhary and started their journey by pioneering their expertise in Digital Marketing, Web Design and Web Development, respectively. Later we grew further, and now Matebiz Pvt. Ltd. stands tall as the leading website design, development and digital marketing company in India.


Matebiz has completed its 5-year journey till now, growing further. It has seen many odds at the time of its formation and during the attempt to establish itself as a powerful organization. But the teammates have never viewed the odds as anything negative. Instead, they remained optimistic and accepted the challenges with passion and hard work of hours extending even till midnight. We were so passionate and professional about what we wanted to achieve that we didn't even bother about the time. During our attempt to build and establish Matebiz with the limited team, other than the hunger for development and success, the only thing we had within us was sheer hard work and persistence.

Services We Offer

Matebiz thrives on the idea of giving your business or organization a powerful online presence to remember. We are growing as a leading website design, development and digital marketing company day by day and offer the following services:

To be more precise, you get an actively performing, attractive website from us that is not only good looking but also responsive and lets you manage your website on any device. The benefit does not end here. The most important advantage is that Matebiz encourages your preferred budget and helps you get your seamlessly functioning website, a web page that meets predetermined objectives, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization within it.

Why Go For Our Services Only?

Matebiz, the exclusive leading web design and development company in India, and not to forget, the premier digital marketing service provider, is based in Delhi. Still, we cater to clients all over the world with absolute professionalism and expertise. We aim at being on top not by thinking of outdoing our competitors but rather by knowing our strengths and focusing on how we can beat ourselves every day by our work. We guarantee you excellence, professionalism, creativity, co-operation and budget-friendly projects.

Whatever the goal of your marketing strategy is, Matebiz can't wait to get started, whether it's creating a new website, creating a better web design, or integrating a new web application development into an existing website. You can connect to us with just a click, and we will be there for you to help and support you instantly through all the steps of your project life cycle. Therefore, leave everything to us, and we promise you the best of the best results.