Top Digital Marketing Trends: Strategies That Will Dominate In 2020


We are halfway to 2020 and so now it’s time to look towards the future. The future of marketing is Digital marketing. Digital marketing is marketing online that involves technologies and tools. With time, every technology tends to upgrade and so are trends. Trends are the patterns that keep on changing. It is basically the upgradation of what you had used or have been using.


  • Social Media marketing- The only trend that will not change is Social media. In fact, the traffic will only increase. Social media has attracted tons and millions of people and this will increase day by day. With this, social media marketing has to be the best option. Your presence on social media will give your target audience a platform where they can know you better.
  • Content marketing- Content is the king of social media. Content is constitutes half part of SEO. Most of the websites whether blogging site or e-commerce website are continuously setting up blogs about their product or services, which gives better idea about their website. Content marketing is an organic form of taking your website to a higher rank. In search for a good content, a visitor would visit your website and if they find it relevant they will definitely love it and so will google.
  • Artificial Intelligence- Artificial Intelligence has a buzz these days. The pattern in which the consumers react, their behaviour and other things are all analysed by artificial intelligence. They would then, utilise the data for various strategies to reach the consumers in a most promising way. With AI, you can now directly get in touch with users and initiate conversations like these help in building an emotional bond by offering them with the essential information and tips.
  • Chatbots- Being present and being in trend are two different things. Chatbots are not new, they have been present since a long time. But they came into trend in 2020. According to stats, 1.4 billion people interact with chatbots each year. Chatbots are user-friendly and user-interactive. It is a touch of real and virtual reality. It is much easier for the users to communicate with chatbots online than to send an email.
  • Voice Search- Voice search is on boom. Be it mobile phones or products like Amazon Echo or Google home, voice search is becoming the most convenient way to surf. Though it’s not new, you have been using the ‘speech to text’ function of your phones for years but the technology has evolved. Voice search has a direct impact on searches. First mobile phones and then voice search and a combination of both will boom the digital marketing industry.

These are certain trends in 2020 which would definitely continue in 2021.

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