I. General Information

    Company Name

    Contact Person Name & Position

    II. Basic Questions

    Who is your target audience? It will be depending on age, sex, nationality, demographics etc. agesexnationalitydemographics

    What are the objectives for your site?

    What does a visitor expect from the website?

    What do you visitor to leave with?

    Why should a visitor return to your site?

    III. Site Information

    Please, describe your company's service/product?

    What are the objectives and goals from this website?

    Upper Menu Tab links(means above area of main menu bar) HomeAbout usProductsServicesContact Us


    Footer Menu Tab links(means above area of footer menu bar) HomeAbout usProductsServicesContact Us

    What are your Categories/services? Give few of the Main categories/services name and if they have any subcategory then mention them too please.For an example - Category(Apparel ), subcategory(Mens, Women,Kids etc)

    Middle area of home page requirements or links(example- Featured products, News in scrolling, testimonial display etc)

    Do you have a company logo? YesNo: OR Do you want us to Make One ( Extra Cost ) Yes

    IV. Design

    What color theme you want us to use in the design.?

    Do you have photos or images that you would like to see in your design? :if yes then supply us please.

    Do you prefer the look and feel of any reference sites and would like your site to reflect it? I.e. Layout preference, Navigation, Colors etc. Layout preferenceNavigationColors

    What are your competitor’s sites? Please supply URL’s if any

    V. Special Notes

    Please provide any special notes that need to be considered for your site ( If Any )