Sales through e-commerce break records every year. It is possible that your competition is already part of these statistics, and you?

Matebiz India is an ecommerce development company dedicated exclusively to the creation, design and promotion of online stores for years. We have grown by sharing our knowledge as e-commerce consultants, helping companies implement cost-effective, tailor-made projects with attractive designs, advanced technology and personalized technical support.

Expand your business possibilities thanks to the Internet with a virtual store. Open your business to the world thanks to electronic commerce.

We advise you throughout the process, from creation to start-up and configuration of all services. At Matebiz Indiaecommerce design and development services, we specialize in developing customized solutions for e-commerce and online stores, which we develop in accordance with the specific needs of the business. If you want to cover the e-commerce market to increase the level of sales of your products or services, invest money in an individually developed, and modern eCommerce website.

We Help Companies Increase Profits & Grow Online


    We help in understanding the profit and loss, growth and revenue earned for a particular e commerce company. Moreover, the sales funnel movement is also analysed by us.


    Our company helps in end to end marketing and promotional activities of the website and increases the web traffic manifold. This automatically increases the probability of conversion of website visitors to real customers


    We will offer to all kinds of tips and guidelines to design your e commerce strategy like email marketing and promotion, simplifying check out and payment process, updating of website, writing blogs and defining a definite sales cycle.


    Our company helps the e commerce platform to develop a variety of advertising practices such as pay-per-click ads, email campaigns and affiliate programs.


    We will guide the e commerce company in terms of sales and revenue generation, product placement, identifying potential buyers and target groups.

What you get with Website

  • Customize Your Website Development & Design

    100% custom design, without limitations, due to the use of templates or predefined schemes. Your online store, your business and your own image. Databases and properties of customized products,

    whatever your catalog, the system adapts to your business logic and specifications, never the other way around.

  • Develop your website with an experienced team

    A website builder for more than 20 years, MATEBIZ INDIA knows how to build your online identity and make your experience enjoyable. On the lookout for the latest web technologies, we know how to make your projects as successful as they are functional.

    Whether for showcase sites, landing pages, contests, intranets or ecommerce, we have the expertise you need!

  • Let your website work for you

    With the MATEBIZ INDIA team, you know that we will make every effort to ensure that your visitors become customers at home. Our designers will create for you attractive and powerful visuals.

    Our strategists will ensure you develop an optimal tree structure & propose tactics that will help you convert a visitor into a buyer.

  • Take control of your website

    The time when you had to call your web agency for every little change on your site is over. Now, Content Management System (CMS) allows you to make simple changes yourself without having to spend a fortune.

    Our WordPress and Magento specialists will put in place the tools you need to easily manage your web property.

Creation Makes an Innovation to Help Companies

  • Creation of professional identity

  • Study and Consulting for the implementation of web solutions

  • Development and management of portals and platforms on the Internet

  • Deployment of e-commerce solutions

  • Audience measurement and access statistics for websites

  • Update, outsourcing and website security

  • Real estate agency management solution, intranet, ERP, etc.

Some you know, Some You will

Our team responsible for editing and managing websites can support the management of your web projects and the feeding of your sites by a neat and powerful content for search engines. This way, you outsource tedious tasks and focus on your core business.

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