10 Link Building Tips That Uplift Your SEO

Google prizes link building and considers it one of the most important ranking factors available today. Looking at links allowed Google to become a dominant force in the search engine world way back in the 1990s.

Larry Page, one of Google’s founders, invested in the PageRank algorithm which looked at inbound links and assessed their quality. The algorithm ranks websites paged on the quality and quantity of these links.

The search engine has evolved considerably since then. It is no longer as easy to build a link profile as it used to be. Google now pays keen attention to the quality of these links and penalizes websites with spam.

This article provides some tips on how to get links that will take your SEO game to the next level.

  1. Start with The Content

Content is the foundation of every backlinking strategy. Without good content, there’s nothing for people to link back to. You need to focus on creating high-quality content if you want backlinks from authoritative sources. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

  • Make sure your content is at least 1,000 words long. Articles with 2,000 to 10,000 words are the best performers.
  • Choose topics that will appeal to readers and are relevant to their concerns.
  • Ensure all the information provided is current and reliable.
  • Double check content for grammar and spelling errors.

Great content will allow you to build a solid link building campaign over it. If you find yourself struggling with content creation, hire a professional content creator for some assistance.

  1. Invest in Skyscraper Technique

Skyscraper technique is a type of content that remains evergreen. You can upgrade the details every year to ensure the information is current and relevant. One of the best examples of skyscraper content is Backlinkio’s Google Ranking Factors list.

This type of content attracts a lot of attention from other creators because it can become an essential resource. It will keep attracting attention for several years because the information is constantly upgraded.

  1. Create a List of Websites

Once you have a good collection of link-worthy content, it is time to look for backlink sources. The quality of the website you get backlinks from is an important consideration. You don’t want to be associated with bad websites.

Before you reach out to people, make sure the website has a good ranking, page score, and a great reputation. Look at their content and see if it fits into your goals. This research allows you to create a list of websites to approach for backlinks.

Get links from a couple of high-authority websites as well as some medium authority portals. This will add some versatility to your link portfolio.

  1. Replace Broken Links

Imagine reading a great article on a high-authority website. Now imagine that article containing a link that will provide more information on a particular statement. If that link works, you can get more information. If it doesn’t, you have an opportunity on your hands.

Consider the type of content that was present in the link and conduct thorough research on it. You can then pen down an article that is relevant to the content and offer it as a replacement for the original link. This is a great way to get additional backlinks for your campaign.

  1. Seek Out Your Mentions

Many content creators will mention your brand or products without linking you. These provide an opportunity to gain more links as well. You can contact the website with the brand mentions and ask if they would add links to your website.

Most website owners will agree to this because they have already mentioned your brand name and probably hold you in favor.

  1. Be the Influencer

If you’re an influencer, your words have an impact on your target audience. This opens up many link opportunities. People will quote you, link to your content, and invite you for interviews more often.

Higher credibility will also help improve your SEO ranking and help you earn people’s trust. This takes time and effort, but being an influencer is worth it.

  1. Contribute to Top Publications

A part of being an influencer is to publish content on top publications in your industry. For example, a marketer will want to publish content on websites like Inc, Adweek, Entrepreneur, Forbes, etc.

Find some of the best publications in your industry and contribute content to them. You can find all the submission and contribution guidelines on the websites or approach the owners directly to contribute content.

  1. Experiment with Different Content Formats

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Versatility will get you far in this industry, especially if your content is versatile. You need to make sure you offer some variation in content to your audience. Some of the most popular content formats are:

  • Infographics
  • List articles
  • How-to guides
  • What posts
  • Why posts
  • Video

You can also invest in podcasts and interviews, though they aren’t as shareable or popular as infographics and list articles.

  1. Collect Unique Data

 Data is the currency in the content marketing world and it provides a lot of links. If you can collect original data and create an article about it, the post will attract a lot of links. There are many ways to collect data and most don’t even require a lot of resources.

You can conduct a survey through your website or social media. You can also do research and conduct tests on search engine behavior to find new information. Unique and current data will get backlinks from high-quality websites and boost your reputation. That will have a positive impact on your SEO campaign.

  1. Don’t Shy Away from Guest Posting

Google might be coming down on guest posting for the sake of link building, but it doesn’t have anything against guest posting by itself. You can still use this avenue to diversify your content and gain a new audience. Invite influencers and experts to contribute content to your website. This will also help with SEO.

These tips will help you create a great link profile. You will be more visible on search engines and rank higher on SERPs. Link building is a time-consuming marketing strategy that requires some patience but the end result is worth the effort.
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