B2C Portal Development

B2C means business to customer, implies the offer of items from business to the end-clients or customer. B2C is a stage that additionally incorporates web based shopping of items and data seek and so on., through the medium of the web. These days, individuals are increasingly heading towards web based shopping and so forth and everyone searching for his needs using web, so in this manner B2C entrances are grabbing in the race. B2C Portal provides Very adaptable and adjustable design, Highly intuitive and adjustable Shopping Carts, easily manageable, best in reach.

Matebiz is the chief B2C portal development organization spend significant time in the B2C development portal. We are devoted to conveying B2C portal development benefits that eclipse your needs and requirements with splendor and altered to best-fit your business goals. We have a group of expert and skilled developers, who provide you B2C portal development with demonstrated reputation and huge amounts of experience to prove their ability. Our significant means is polished skill, modernization and creativity. We supply most astounding standard of value, financially savvy arrangements, even with B2C portal imperatives which are the most complex. We pride ourselves in conveying the items on time which helps us to grow long haul connections commonly with our customers. We generally monitor your client’s inclinations, and continue deliberately to draw in your business with the correct shoppers. This is most extreme critical component amid the B2C portal development and web-based interface.

B2C Portal Development India

Delhi is the capital, hence it is within the city in India for web development. There are a number of B2C portal development companies in India but only few of them know how to increase your customer using online world. Matebiz is few of them that provides his client, one of the best B2C portal development in India.

In Matebiz, we trust that a compelling and productive web portal helps in calling the clients at last prompting expanded benefits for the company. We help you with a web-based interface that is easy to understand so that the clients can trade a greater amount of communications encouraging the development of target clients. We utilize the most recent innovation and even keep your current entrances refreshed. This helps you to keep up your stock administration and market your items all the more productively. We handle various sorts of customers, thus we likewise guarantee you that the site does not crash and dependably works up to your desires.

An overseas web development company tries to create the site easy to navigate. Compared with Business to Business (B2B) websites, customers here are individuals! Content in such a site is intended to be easy to comprehend and not highly technical. It is aimed at a large market and involves ordinary products. B2C web development services design the pages keeping usability in mind. Number of pages in these sites is more than the rest.

Typical online trading

Site consists of the following pages:


Unlike an common page, the home page of this kind of a site serves lot of information and facts. It contains details on certain featured items. Popular item listing can be seen on the front page. In addition to it, the page contains linksIhren to other main pages in the site.


Customers need to register on their own before using the site. No ecommerce website allows buyers or sellers to transact without creating an account. This is compulsory to prevent scam and to maintain assurance in the online industry.


This page is developed for payment. It is challenging to develop this page as it involves integration of the payment mode. B2C web development solutions develop many pages to complete this process safely and easily.


It gives users the option to provide the desired items in one place. An offshore web development company may provide this service to make online shopping convenient.


Pages including specific description of the product listed in the types section need to be developed separately. Customers gain all the relevant information about the product through these pages. B2C web development services do not neglect this aspect.

Development of such websites needs skills. An overseas web development company integrates Content Management System (CMS) to change the contents of the site regularly. New trend noticed amongst the ecommerce site owners is to include reviews and comments about the item. Discussion forums for user communities are also developed. There are various points to be kept in mind at the time of development of this kind of a site. Expert support for its development is compulsory!

B2C (Business to Customer) website development has knowledgeable steady trajectory over the years. Why are businesses willing to invest in B2C portal development? The reason isn’t that hard to find. The reason behind its steady progress can be credited to the very reason why brands would want to have their websites – a well-optimized website has the power to bolster outreach in a way that hardly any other medium can do. However, if the natural benefits of the B2C Portal Development are concerned – then let us tell you that they go way beyond just expanding your outreach.

B2C Portal Development

Why it’s absolutely important to know about it

At the heart of success of Business to Customer sites is their ability to bolster business performance across the board. Your B2C portal is your clients’ direct access to your brand. There is immense scope for you to improve the quality of your client service by improving your cooperation with them. Here are a few merits explained in a few points:

  • It helps you adjust your techniques as per your customer demand
  • Aids you to handle customer problems in an easier fashion
  • Reduces overhead and stock costs of your business
  • Enables your customers to avail easy online deal process
  • Reduces paper work
  • Easy payment
  • Easy billing systems
  • Paves the way for superior business process
  • Makes way for stronger bonds with your customer
  • Be specific: Find out what it means

So if you want to convert all your visitors into your customer come with us and be the part of the revolutionizing world of online business.


Matebiz is one of the leading B2C portal development in India, as India is in the top of the list of IT markets so there is a huge competition for both weather he is a client who want his website on top and want to make their brand best in the market or a website development company to give his client a website which can boost his business.

Matebiz is here to give you best and optimum solution of your problem. We are committed in putting your brand on the top of the list as Matebiz is also here to be on the top among the B2C portal development service provider in India. You have to pick a “not too bad offer” in the market plans a not too bad site for your business, so you ought to pick Matebiz in light of the fact that in the event that you need to be the best in the market than you ought to run with best in the market.