Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketer

Extensions are the helping tools to improve your experience on Chrome Extensions. There is a saying “A craftsman is as good as his tool.” May be true or may not be. But you cannot refuse that you require tools to do your work and make it easy. Whether it is as simple as checking grammar or as powerful as analyzing the exact performance of your website, an extension is a way through which you can complete your performance.

As we all know Google Chrome dominates all other web browsers with a market share of 63%, where Safari constitutes 15%, Firefox 55 and Rest are below them. This clearly indicates that there are thousands or more than that number of Chrome Extensions built to increase your output.


  • Grammarly – Released in July 2009, Grammarly is an online grammar checking and Plagiarism detection platform. It has been developed by Grammarly.Inc. It also checks spelling errors and sentence formation. Grammarly is available not just in Chrome but also on other web browsers like Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Edge. Be it iOS or Android, Grammarly is available for both.
  • Keyword Everywhere – As a Digital Marketer, the foremost thing required in Digital Marketing is keyword research. No activity can be done without keyword research. Therefore to find the correct keywords, you need to know about its volume and competition. This cannot be done manually. Instead, you need a tool because if your first step is wrong, your whole process will be wrong. Keyword everywhere is one such effective tool.
  • MozBar – MozBar is one such powerful analytic tool that is an all in one  SEO tool that gives you instant metrics of your page. Not just your page but you can check page Authority and Domain Authority of your competitor’s website. You can export your search engine results and can do much more. This Chrome Extension is perfect for competitor analysis for any Digital Marketing team.
  • Bitly – Bitly was established in May 2008. It is one of the most popular URL shortening tools for Chrome and link management platforms which allows users to shorten measure and optimize links. The Chrome extension is fully optimized with your bitly account, and the combination of the two gives you a whole range of optimization tools.
  • NoFollow – As a digital marketer, link building is an important activity for a website to rank. There are two types of links- Dofollow and Nofollow links. Dofollow links are extremely useful as it generates more links through Link juice, whereas Nofollow links do not. To generate better links, we need more Dofollow links and fewer Nofollow links. So to identify such links we need to take the help of an extension known as Nofollow.

Hopefully, by now you must have found at least one out of five extensions useful.

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