Best Practices To Increase Traffic From Google

Paid advertising is fine but there is nothing better than organic traffic. Organic traffic is dependent on several factors. Yes, it is SEO. There is a common notion that the practice of link building is the only way to get traffic to your web page but it is not so. There are many other factors on which the ranking of our website is dependent on. Here are some of the best practices for your website to increase traffic from Google.

  • Relatable and Quality Content- Content is the king. Be it a blog, or social media posting, A website is about its content. What do you think your consumer will be looking for? A relatable content for which they are searching for. It has been realized that once your website is recognized by Google as a destination for specific content, your website will rank automatically and there will be a noticeable increase in your Google traffic.
  • Lower Bounce Rate- A bounce rate is the most effective tool to analyze where your website is going wrong. A Higher Bounce Rate not only damages your website and conversion rate but also lowers the rank of your website because a higher bounce rate will hurt your SEO. Google keeps on updating its algorithm to evaluate the quality of the website. Its algorithm checks the duration for which your website can hold on to your website. Based on the results, Google upgrades or downgrades your website.
  • Responsive Web Design- In the age when Mobile phones have become our best friends. How do you expect that a website that works only on big screens of laptops or desktops will rank? The increasing demand for smartphones makes it extremely important that your website is designed incompatible with these devices. The most common errors that a website should avoid in terms of responsive web design;
    • Redirecting to the wrong mobile URL
    • A video not compatible with mobile phones
    • Using Pop-ups that cannot be easily manoeuvred on a mobile handset
    • Use of navigation buttons or fonts that are inconveniently small for the device
    • Content is not placed in accordance with mobile phones
    • Images are not clear or are out of place.
  • Social Share Buttons- What if I liked your website or content and I want to share it? How would I do it? I feel the most effective form of marketing is Word of Mouth. Anybody, who is not an ambassador or in any way related to your business, will bother to promote your business so if they are, then this means that they are quite impressed and happy with your website. When you include Share Triggers in your content, people are more likely to share it.

These are some of the practices through which you can improve your traffic on Google.

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