Digital Marketing Statistics Which You Must Keep In Mind

Consumers and C-level executives are putting more pressure on digital marketing departments. They’re always pushed to stay up with changing client needs, provide unique customer experiences, and provide measurable marketing ROI. It can be problematic for marketing teams to keep up with what’s going on in the industry and what they should be focusing on in order to be successful.

To be able to use Digital Marketing Services, you must first master the basics. To properly utilize SEO and SMO marketing services such as developing original content, boosting site loading speed, and prospect segmentation, you need to hire the best Company. By looking at digital marketing analytics, they can be easily validated.

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1. Why Do You Need To Use Digital Marketing Services To Expand The Business Growth?

It’s important to learn about Digital Marketing Services before you hire the leading Digital Marketing Company to enhance the productivity and growth of your business. Any marketing endeavor that depends on online media channels and connected devices to produce a more seamless customer experience is referred to as digital marketing. This usually entails using technologies like mobile phones, desktop computers, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to communicate a consistent message across several touchpoints.

Because individuals are spending more time online than ever before, digital marketing is essential for today’s businesses. Furthermore, technological improvements have changed the way marketers use customer data obtained through these channels, allowing them to derive more granular insights and create more tailored experiences. Listed below are some of the reasons that state how digital marketing expands your business growth:

  • Expanding Your Business Reach

Without any terrestrial barriers, one can quickly expand their firm to new areas and locations using Digital Marketing Services. Digital marketing campaigns can be established quickly and easily, and they are incredibly versatile, allowing you to target the exact demographic you want.

  • Establishing a Brand Name

A company’s brand reputation must be able to deliver on its promises to its target audiences. This will aid in acquiring end-user trust and building stronger and better client connections.

A Digital Marketing Company may help you establish a powerful and trustworthy brand irrespective of whether your company is small or big. Creating a tagline or a motto for the firm and having a unique logo for the organization may assist the company in conveying a consistent and credible brand.

  • Greater ROI

Effective Digital Marketing Company can boost a company’s brand value and income. Similarly, when compared to traditional marketing, it aids in creating a higher return on investment. In addition, digital marketing methods are simple to track, allowing you to assess the influence on your target demographic.

The digital marketing strategy is to generate a steady stream of traffic that can be converted into leads. The faster you get a return on your investment, the more traffic you produce.

2. Learn About Digital Marketing Statistics Before Hiring The Best Digital Marketing Company

We’ve prepared an in-depth list of marketing analytics statistics to help marketing teams keep track of major trends in the realms of customer experience, customer journey mapping, and how to continuously measure the impact of marketing initiatives. These findings will aid marketing teams in benchmarking their own efforts and determining where more time and resources are needed to ensure marketing campaign success:

2.1 SEO Statistics

Search engines have become an indisputable part of our daily life. Search engines provide the quickest solution for clients who need to know or buy something. Here are some numbers to highlight the power of search engine marketing:

Organic Search

  • At least once a month, 85.4 % of internet users look for information online.
  • Google controls a little more than 92 per cent of the global search engine market. Bing (2.75 per cent) and Baidu (2.75 per cent) are the next two most popular global search engines (1.9 per cent).
  • Mobile devices account for more than 60% of all Google searches.
  • Every month, Bing processes 12 billion searches.
  • On average, Google handles around 40,000 search inquiries each second. Every day, that’s nearly 3.5 billion searches.

Local SEO

  • If they can check inventory online, internet shoppers are 80 per cent more inclined to visit a brick-and-mortar business.
  • Within a week, 88 % of mobile users who use Google Maps to find a retailer visit a linked store – and 76 per cent visit within a week.
  • A purchase is made in 28% of “nearby” or “near me” searches.

2.2 Social Media Marketing Statistics

Another popular kind of Digital Marketing Services is social media marketing. This area accounts for a sizable portion of the digital marketing market. It makes use of social media to encourage customer involvement with brands. This marketing strategy can help your business grow by increasing revenue and cultivating brand advocates. Using top visual content management tools can help you manage your social media presence better. Listed below are some of the statistics of this strategy:

  • Last-click attribution is used by 30% of marketers to attribute conversions.
  • The total number of B2B and B2C marketers who use Facebook worldwide is 96 %. Brand awareness programmes are used by 55% of advertisers.  
  • On average, 38 % of adult Internet users globally trust information obtained through social media.
  • Brands have an obligation to be truthful in social media, according to 81 % of respondents. 
  • On Instagram, 50% of posts go unnoticed. 
  • Two of the most popular online activities are watching videos and using social media. 
  • Social media accounts for more than a third of all internet time worldwide.

2.3 Content Marketing Statistics

Nowadays, content marketing has become the new standard for reaching out to a larger audience and improving profitability. The fact that most corporate behemoths employ content marketing to advertise their goods and services is proof of this. But it’s worth noting that no alternative marketing platform can flourish without quality content. Given below are the statistics of this strategy:

  • 62% of marketers produce at least one piece of content per day. 
  • The generation of blog content is the top priority for 53% of marketers when it comes to inbound marketing. 
  • To stay conscious of the coronavirus pandemic, 94% of marketers changed their content marketing strategy. 2021 
  • Producing research and unique data is one of the most commonly employed digital marketing tactics, according to 60% of organizations.
  • To engage with their audience, 91% of B2B marketers prefer to use content marketing. 2020 
  • B2B marketers assess their content marketing strategy as “good” 51% of the time. 
  • 96 %of B2B marketers who use brand influencers believe it is a successful marketing strategy.

2.4 Pay-Per-Click Marketing Statistics

PPC marketing allows you to compete for ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links, which is a popular option to generate site traffic organically. Its appeal arises from the fact that acquiring sales from PPC ensures large profits because the cost of paying for clicks is greatly outweighed. But, here again, you’ll need to work on your keywords to get the most out of them. Take a peek at the numbers below to learn more about PPC marketing:

  • 1% of advertisers are lowering their search advertising budgets.
  • Spending on Google Shopping has increased by 12%.
  • The likelihood of a site visitor paying after clicking on a PPC ads is 50%.
  • The return-on-investment from purchasing Google Ads is 200 percent.
  • From 2019 to 2020, the use of ad blockers in the UK decreased by 5%. 
  • A sponsored search ad is clicked by 33% of users because it immediately answers their search query.
  • A Google search ad is most likely to be clicked by 63 percent of users. 89% of advertisers intend to boost their search budgets. 2019 
  • For the third quarter of 2020, Google text ad spending is expected to increase by 9%.

2.5 Email Marketing Statistics

Email marketing will play a crucial part in sustaining connections with clients as marketers negotiate the hurdles posed by the epidemic, even when physical, in-person buying isn’t an option.

  • At least once a month, 90.9 percent of all internet users send an email.
  • In the next 3-6 months, over half of marketers aim to send more emails.
  • When compared to Facebook and Twitter, emails have a 50 to 100 times greater click-through rate.
  • Emails reach 85 % of those who receive them, with a 22.86% open rate and a 3.71 percent click-through rate.
  • List segmentation is a marketing automation function that 78 % of marketers believe they can’t live without.

2.6 Mobile Marketing Statistics

Mobile marketing is another type of digital marketing. Due to the continual rise in the number of individuals utilizing mobile devices, this digital marketing strategy has gained popularity. Its capacity to reach a far larger audience is what sets it apart. In addition, mobile devices can perform almost all online transactions, allowing these tasks to be completed online. Use mobile marketing solutions if you want to get the most out of this strategy. Take a look at the stats below to discover how mobile marketing has changed the way people interact with brands:

  • Social media is used by 84 % of internet users. 
  • 35% of 16-24-year-olds utilized voice command or voice search apps on their smartphones. 
  • A 10 second page load time increases the bounce rate by 123 %
  • The top goals for mobile advertising are to increase brand awareness, facilitate engagement, and generate sales. 
  • The normal page load time on mobile sites is 2.2 seconds.
  • In terms of digital minutes, mobile has 8 out of 10 shares. 
  • Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the updated mobile ad spending prediction in the United States for 2021 is $117.35 billion. 
  • Search engines are used by 48% of users to begin their mobile search.

2.7 Brand Awareness Statistics

Real-time data-driven marketing can focus on direct response advertising, with marketing teams promoting short-term campaigns aimed at motivating customers to do a specific action. Organizations should, however, use this data to build brand recognition and value that is relevant to their target audience. These kinds of marketing generate customer loyalty and keep them coming back.

  • Aligned values are cited by 64% of customers who have a brand relationship.
  • Customers are 56% more loyal to brands who share their beliefs or “get them.”
  • It usually takes 5-7 impressions for a buyer to remember your brand.
  • Millennials and Gen Z favour brands that have a mission statement or stand for something, according to 66% of them.
  • Purpose-driven brands beat the stock market by 120%, so incorporating it into your brand can pay you big time.


A Digital Marketing Company’s mission and lifeblood are to stay on top of trends. If we don’t know about and practise the latest and greatest in each channel of digital marketing services, we won’t be the best at our professions or keep our clientele. Working with a reputable Digital Marketing Company means you’ll have someone keeping you up to date on the latest trends and incorporating them into your own plan.

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