Don’t Ignore the Web Development Process for Your Company

Web development services have become extremely important and needful these days when digital marketing is at its peak. For those of you, who are unaware or unclear on the term digital marketing. In simple words, it is the process of marketing or advertising  of any product or service, on the digital platform. This digital platform could be a website or web application, or even on social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, etc. Top Web developers services come in use when a business needs to make an appealing and user-friendly website where its customers can come and browse through their products and make a purchase. 


Table of Contents

1. What is web development ? Is it different from web designing?

It is very common for people to often confuse web designing and web development and then end up using one in the context of another. The confusion may arise simply from the fact that both of these services are related to websites.

But it should be kept in mind that both of these processes are different. To clear this confusion, let’s first start with what web designing is and then get to web development. 

The process of Web Designing focuses on making the website look good, by making sure it “looks” user-friendly and attractive. Thus, the main work of a web designer us to focus on a particular feel is the website, as well as what’s going to be the style.

This all is chosen on the basis of the niche of the brand/business and also by keeping in mind the target audience. The web designers use different software to design the website.

A few instances of these software are Coral Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Figma, et cetera. Web designers are usually of 3 kinds as the whole designing of a website can not be a one person job, thus different kinds of skills are required.

1.1. Types Of Ux Designs

The 3 types/kinds are UX designer, UI designer and the Visual designers. The UX web designers are also known as User Experience designers as these designers’ main focus is on how user feels while browsing through the website and making sure that the website is easy to access and all the demands and needs of user are getting fulfilled.

The next kind is of a User Interface designer, also known as UI web designers. Their focus is on creating the illustrations, layout, graphics and using photographic set, as well as typography which helps in enhancing the display of the product by keeping in mind all the different devices it would be played on.

These interface elements include input controls which are drop down menus, data fields, and buttons, informational components and these include notifications, progress bars and messages boxes, and navigational components as well and they include slider, tags, icons, and search fields.

The last kind of web designers are Visual designers, and what they do must be clear from the term that is used for them. Their primary role is to make sure that the website looks attractive and appealing as well. Visual designing is actually the combination of User Interface and Graphic Designing, but still, Visual designing shouldn’t be confused with Graphic Designing.

Now we have a knowledge of what Web development is “not”. But then what is it? If we try to explain it in simple words, then it can be said that the end result of a web designer’s work is handed over to a web developer and they take over from there.

Web designers make a design, a layout, an idea. Web developers bring to life that whole idea by turning it into a fully functional website. Web developers are often referred to as programmers.

The transformation of design created by web designers to a functional website is their task. Software and tools like Javascript, jQuery, Node.js, PHP, ASP.NET Python, etc. are used by programmers for development. Their primary target is to build an efficient and completely functional website.

They closely work with UX designers, UI designers, and visual designers to build web pages based on the design provided by the designer.

1.2. Types of Web developers

Web developers can be divided into three types. Front-End Developer: The main part of the website that is the one user directly interacts with is called the front end.

Also called ‘client side’ of the application it includes everything that has direct user interaction : text colors and styles, images, graphs and tables, buttons, colors, and navigation menu. Front end development is generally performed using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. 

The layout, design, behavior, and content of everything visible on the browser screen when websites, web applications, or mobile applications are opened is created by front-end developers.

Response and performance are the two main goals of the Front-End. Ensuring that the site is responsive and correctly renders itself as per the screen needs is the job of front end developer. Back-End Developer:

The server side of a website is called back-end. The storage and maintenance of data and ensuring smooth flow on the client side comes under the purview of back end. This is the part which the user can not see and has no direct interaction with the user.

The features developed by back end developers are indirectly accessed by user by front end applications. Writing APIs, creating libraries, creating system components without user interfaces are also under the back-end. Full stack developer:

Full stack web developers are responsible for designing and creating complete web applications and websites. They work on frontend, backend, database and also the debugging of websites and web applications.

2. Why should you hire Web Development Company?

It should be clear by now that web development is a huge process in itself and requires lots of hard work to achieve a perfect website at the end.

A few webpages can be made my one person but hiring a freelancer can be risky as there could be many problems because of that, the first and foremost one would be the freelancer being inexperienced and also not being able to meet the deadline.

Of course, not all freelancers are like that but if you try to weigh off both a professional b development company in India and freelancer on the other side, the professional company would surely win because they have lots of benefits to offer. Let’s look at these benefits.

2.1. Benefits of hiring a Website development company in India

The first benefit that comes to mind of a Website development company is of its services of SEO – Search Engine Optimization. It is one of the most important of building a website these days. Of course, a business needs a unique idea, but along with that, the idea needs to be presented well too, and that is where these website development services in India comes to rescue.

A professional website development company designs a website bur keeping in mind all the kinds of SEO and how to use them accordingly to benefit your business.

If a Website is optimized perfectly with the help of different SEO tactics, then it would rank higher on the SERP – Search Engine Result Pages. One more very important benefit is of compliance with ADA. Compliance with the ADA is a legal requirement. In accordance with the ADA the website has been made available for use with people with disabilities.

The website development company will ensure that your business’s website complies with ADA.  A team of professional engineers will have the experience and knowledge to build a website that is easily accessible to everyone.

Also, they will make content accessible and engaging to everyone. The next benefit can be of voice search. The business power of voice trading is growing rapidly, so making a website viable by voice search, is very important these days.

And doing voice search on a website requires keyword research, systematic data preparation, content development, and many other efforts. . A professional website development company ensures that your website is able to search by voice and provide in-depth user experience.

Also, a professional website development company in India can guide you through integrating next generation technologies as a continuous web application for your business. 

There are many other benefits of hiring professional website development services in India, like what we discussed above in comparison of a freelancer.

In this case, the company would not have just one person working on a project but a whole team, this work would get done in accordance with the deadline. Also, the professional website development company in India has a team of experienced workers, who have been working in this same field of years, and are well aware of the intricacies of the field and how to tackle all the problems that might come up in the process of building a website. 

At last, Matebiz can conclude that the list of benefits of hiring the professional website development services in India, or a website development company in India are several, and it isn’t really possible to jot them down all in one article, but one thing that can be said with utmost surety is that hiring a website development company is going to be helpful for your business in long run as well.