Highly Effective Free Traffic Building Techniques

We have been continuously saying that Website Development is just not enough if it doesn’t rank. To rank, a website doesn’t involve any rocket science but some strategies and techniques. It requires a continuous investment of time. The importance of Digital Marketing is not strange to us. Also, we need to understand that having traffic is not enough rather we need to have ‘quality’ traffic. Now, what is quality traffic? Quality traffic means the visitors who are lined up with your targeted audience and enables you to achieve your website’s targeted goals. So just having visitors is not enough until and unless it benefits your business.

If you are new to the digital platform, and just realized its importance then here are some effective free traffic building techniques.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) -After you have a website, the very first thing to do is to optimize it to increase search visibility. SEO is the organic form of Digital marketing. It is the most natural form of driving traffic to your website by ranking higher. It does not cost you anything except time. You have to invest time and you have to keep updating regularly. It is not an option rather it is compulsory to do SEO for your site to rank. Be it an E-commerce or blogging website, Search Engine optimization just cannot be ignored. SEO forms the basis of all other activities.
  • Guest posting on relevant blogs- Guest posting is a part of SEO but giving it another point holds a great significance. Guest posting is a part of Off-page SEO. It is one of the ways through which your site can rank higher and faster than others. As a Free Traffic Building technique, guest blogging doesn’t just drive people to your site – it gives you access to an audience, i.e. visitors who actually take the time to read and share your content or click beyond the first page.
  • Social Media marketing– Since an exceptionally large number of people are a part of social media and the surprising part is that the number is still increasing, being active on social media can prove to be a bane for your website. Also, not forget that digital marketing has had to involve social media. You need not run campaigns and spend money, you can either play organically. Put up your website link, share your content, videos, promotions, etc., create a natural and engaging presence, and you will be amazed at the amount of traffic flocking to your website.
  • Presence in online communities- Always remembers to create an authoritative presence online. Participate in discussions, answer queries, put your queries forward, and give advice, comment on niche blogs but DO NOT SPAM. Spamming can adversely affect your site’s reputation and nobody wants that. Your credibility is in your hands. Your reputation will decide your credibility. Once your visitors find that you are credible enough, then google will automatically rely on what the visitors think and you will be credible in the eyes of Google.

Every good thing takes time and so will this. If you wish to rank high overnight, then it is just not possible with any tricks and tactics. Follow these ways and you will see a spike in your traffic to your website.

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