The World of Building a Website in a Professional Way

We all love the amazing and interactive websites and web applications we go on to browse our choice of dresses or to buy any other stuff. These days you’ll see that websites are completely in sync with the brand’s niche and to attract a particular kind of target audience.

Websites are thus made according to that. But who makes these websites. After all, websites are extremely important for a business, be it however big or small. Website making takes lots of effort and this is not a one-person job. One team makes the framework and design, whereas the other would bring that design to life. These days, pretty much all businesses are using Digital Marketing to bring in traffic to their sites and brand, from all over the world.

Web designing, Graphic Designing, and Web development are the 3 processes or tools which are used to make the overall process of Digital Marketing possible. Let’s look at these 3 in detail.

Table of Contents

1. What is web designing?

Web Designing, in layman’s words, is the process of making the website look good and user-friendly. It should be attractive and interactive so that users can easily access it and feel the need to make a purchase.

So in short, the main responsibility of the web designer is to focus entirely on the style, as well as, the feel of the website. This is done with the help of different software, like Adobe, Photoshop, Coral Draw, Figma, et cetera.

There are mostly 3 kinds of web designers :

1.1. User Experience (UX) designer

UX, also known as User Experience is the process of making the website user-friendly, as mentioned above. In simple words, here the focus is entirely on how the user would feel while browsing through different webpages of the website, and making sure their demands and needs, in regard of the website, are getting fulfilled.

1.2. User Interface (UI) designer

This facet of web designing focuses on the making of illustrations, photographic art, typography, and graphics to strengthen the layout and display of the digital product and making sure it looks and works well in all the different devices, like laptop or mobile phones. The Interface elements mostly consist if navigational components (tags, icons, search fields); informational  components, which includes notifications, message boxes; and the input controls which at last includes buttons, data field and drop down menus.

1.3. Visual Designer

This is the last kind of web designers. These designers main aim is to make the whole website or the end product look attractive and appealing. This is actually the mixture of the work of graphic designing and User Interface. Let’s understand what Graphic Designing is, next, so one doesn’t confuse Visual Designing and Graphic Designing.

2. What is Graphic Designing?

Graphic designing is usually used in apps, websites and is mostly used in making social media advertising and other kinds of advertising. These graphic designs are made by using different kinds of visual compositions to deliver a particular idea of the brand with the help of imagery, colors, form, and typography.

This can be done in several ways, and thus there are many kinds of Graphic Designing specializations. Undoubtedly these different kinds often overlap with each other but still, each kind requires a separate set of techniques and skills. 

The different kinds of Graphic Designers are Visual identity graphic design; Marketing & advertising graphic design; User interface graphic design; Publication graphic design; Packaging graphic design; Motion graphic design; Environmental graphic design; and at last; Art and illustration for graphic design.

3. What is Web Development?

Now, once the web designers and graphic designers are done working on a Website or a web application, their end result is handed over to the developers, these web developers. Any kind of design is just a footprint of how the thing is supposed to look like, but that has to come to life, and this is the work that is done by web developers. Web developers are often called programmers, as it is through the help of different programming languages that the turn the whole design into a fully functioning website or application. The different programing languages they use are JavaScript, Php Script, HTML, CSS, C++, Node.js, Python, jQuery, and many more. 

Web developers are divided into 3 types : Front-end web developer, Back-end web developer, and Full-stack web developer.

Front-end web developers focus on that part of the website through which a user interacts directly. This is also called as “client-side” of the application. This consists of everything that a user would experience directly, so this would include images, graphs, colours, buttons, tables, styles and navigation menu. The programming languages that are used for front-end development are CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. The front-end developer’s main work is to make sure that the website or the web application is responsive and is performing well on all the devices. 

Back-end web developers focus focuses on the server-side of the website. This includes the storing and arranging of data, and to make sure that the website works fine from the client side too. Now in contrast of the front-end, this is Tony part of the website that a user doesn’t se or interact with, but is still just as important. These are the characteristics and parts that a user interacts with indirectly. The work of a back-end web developer includes writing APIs, working with system components in the absence of user interfaces, creating libraries, and even the systems of scientific programming. 

The last kind of web developers and full-stack developers. And I think what they do is clear from the term that’s used for them, as they have the ability to perform both the back-end and front-end developing and thus, can make the whole web application or the website on their own. Along with working on the back-end and front-end, they also work on databases and debugging.

4. Professional services

Now you are aware of what web designing, web development and graphic designing are. All these 3 processes are extremely important when it comes to launching your business on the digital platform. But it also must be clear that this isn’t just a one person job. Trying to do all of this on your own can be very hectic and the end result might not even be what you desired for in the first place. But worry not, as there are many Website design company in India, Graphic design services in India, and Website development services in India, who provide graphic designing, web designing and web development services. 

Now if you are thinking why hire a team of professional, think twice as hiring a graphic design services in India or website development services in India can be very helpful in many terms.

If we look at the few benefits, as mentioning all the advantages in one article won’t be enough, then these are:

(1) Team of Experts – this is the first and the foremost advantage of hiring either a website design company in India or any other services as these professionals are experts and have years of experience in the same field;

(2) Time Consuming – doing all the work on your own can be very hectic, and if you decide to hire a freelancer, then there is a possibility that the freelancer could be not only a newbie but the work might not even get finished on time, as again, it can be a very hectic job for one person, whereas hiring a website development services in India would be more beneficial as they would have a whole team for this work;

(3) Website and its Content Would Be SEO Optimized – this is another one of the most crucial advantages of hiring a professional service company as SEO content has become extremely important these days, as the competition is rising. Thus, not only is it important for your brand to be unique but to also be presented in the right way, and this is why SEO comes to rescue.

But again, optimizing the website’s content according to SEO isn’t an easy job as even SEO are of 3 kinds – on-site, off-site, and technical SEO. Now all these 3 kinds require different tactics where an expert would be more helpful. There are many other advantages of hiring professionals like getting amazing designs, the website would be more reliable, and latest tech too. There are tons of other advantages of hiring either graphic design services in India, a website design company in India or even a website development company in India. 

At last, Matebiz has been given a complete guide of the whole process of building a website, as well as, all the advantages of hiring professionals of the same field to guide you and make the best decision for your business.