Tips For Successful Website Conversion Rate Optimization

What is the main motive of building a website? Most of you will say to increase traffic but No, the main motive is to increase conversion. There is a difference between the two. An increased traffic will not lead to increase in revenue while increase in conversion rate will. What we actually want is that people who are visiting our website should love our product or service and then only we can increase conversion rate and ultimately our revenue.

There are some different successful ways by which you can optimize your conversion rate.

  1. Quality content– Content is the king of digital marketing. Any form of Digital marketing is useless without content and that’s the reason why I have put quality content on top. According to specialist in Digital marketing, adopters of content marketing have conversion rate six times higher than those who do not use content marketing.

A unique and relevant content has no comparison. If the user loves the content, so will the Google.

  1. Responsive Website– A responsive website is a site that responds to all size and screen of view ports. Trend says that if a website is responsive to all sizes and screens of devices then it is most acceptable and the chances of conversion increases many fold. There is a huge market for conversions and everyone is operating websites through mobile phones. A combination of both if put into one can immensely optimize the conversion rates.
  1. Testimonials and referrals– Testimonials and referrals are other useful way of optimizing conversion rate. Well it’s because 90% of us will trust the recommendation from our friends. We believe what our friends say more than what any site would show. Customer’s opinions, Employees reviews are very important for a visitor to make decision. No matter how much attractive your site is, customer and clients’ opinion will always influence the decision of the user.
  1. Appropriate Call to Action (CTA) – Appropriate and strategic Call to Action buttons are key to increase conversion rates. It gives platform to visitors to immediately take an action in a particular way. There are many types of CTA/s. Choose your CTA’s strategically and that suiting your business. This will increase your conversion rate.
  2. Page Load speed- People lack in terms of patience especially when it comes to loading of website. They immediately go back if they find that the website is taking too long. Page load speed plays an important role for retaining the customer and to provide good user experience.

You can check your page speed through various tools like Google Page Speed Insights, Pingdom Speed Test, GTmetrix and there are many more.

  1. Simple and easy Navigation- If it is easy to find, then you opt for that path and place. Same goes for a website. Simple and easy navigation helps the user to comfortably go through all the information present. No user wants to waste time in finding a particular thing on your website. If he wouldn’t find it in fraction of seconds, he will go back and look for other websites. It’s your responsibility to provide accurate navigation for the visitor to be stuck at your website.

These are some simple tips that need to keep in mind in order to optimize conversion rates.

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