Benefits Of Responsive Website Design India

Computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones- What is the basic difference in these viewports? Yes, you are correct. It’s the screen size. So do you think that for every different size device, a different website needs to be built? No, you are not correct this time. A single website would work. But how? A responsive website is designed for the simple purpose to adapt to the size of the user’s viewport. These websites load quickly without deforming anything, easily adjusting to the size of the gadget.


  • Faster loading of web pages- People are not patient at all. They want quicker results especially when they are searching on the internet. A user when searching from mobile phone tends to get restless when a website takes a lot of time to load. If your website is not optimized for your mobile phones or tablets tends to increase its bounce rate.
  • A good amount of traffic- A website optimizing for all sizes of devices tends to get a good amount of traffic as compared to those websites having computer/laptop interfaces. And this is obvious! Mobile phones have become our friends. Leads coming from computers and mobile phones will definitely be higher than those from just computers.
  • Lower bounce rate and higher conversion rates- With faster loading speed and a good amount of traffic, there will be lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates respectively. These two are opposite sides of a coin. A good user experience would likely lower bounce rate and engage customers on the website navigating them through pages thereby, increasing conversion rates
  • Lower maintenance needs- It’s very costly to get different websites designed for computers, laptops,s, and mobile phones. It requires different techniques and testing for different platforms. Responsive websites adjust to all the screens and therefore no different techniques and testing need to be applied. One standardized testing technique would be enough to cover the website on all the viewports.
  • Easier traffic monitoring- Through Google Analytics, we can find out from where the traffic is coming from, and which device the users are interacting with the most all these things are important to know to make improvements. A responsive website simplifies the monitoring process. Reports generated from Google Analytics show how your website is performing on different devices.
  • Better SEO- SEO, we all know, how much it is important for your site to rank. Just like SEO, Responsive Website Design is very important for a good user experience. A Responsive Web Design will have lower bounce rates and strong backlinks, ultimately improving SEO. Also, having separate websites for both computers and mobile phones can have the issue of duplicate content, giving a negative ranking.
  • Excellent online browsing experience- In order to grow, you need customers and to convert people into customers you need them to have a good impression of your website. A user can visit your website from any device, you need to be prepared for it. A responsive website avoids the headache of developing different websites and then looking after them.

A responsive website always turns out to be a boon for every business.

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