Custom WordPress Design vs Readymade WordPress Themes

In this digital era, every company wants to show its online presence so that it could increase its reachability. But, apart from doing their marketing digitally, one additional self improvisation one can do to increase visibility and extent the business operationality is by creating a business website.

A website helps you to create a strong brand value and provide better exposure to a wider customer base. A self operational website is much easier to handle personally which is why the current favourite among most business owners is WordPress-based websites.

However, deciding to choose between the Custom design WordPress theme and readymade WordPress theme as the primary backdrop of the website can be a slightly confusing decision to make. As both of these themes have their strengths and limitations, this post will help in understanding each type of theme and its usability.

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Created as a primary blogging tool, WordPress currently is one of the most commonly utilized CMS guide for a website design that requires minimal technical operability.

While a custom-themed WordPress design includes inputs about design details, modifications, and colour palette based on the client requirements, a ready-made theme-based WordPress design comprises preset designs already incorporated into the website.

The user has to use the designs from the list of available themes in this case. No additional modifications or personalization can be done in the design concept of a readymade WordPress theme.

       Benefits of using WordPress

  1. The simple motto of “what you see is what you get” fits perfectly well with the concept of WordPress. Basic text editing skill is the only requirement for publishing an article.
  2. Easily operability due to no requirement of coding skills, unlike HTML formats.
  3. Can be operated single-handedly or in small group
  4. Automated search engine optimization tools preloaded into the format helps in increasing the viability to maximum readers.
  5. A wide range of pre-designed themes saves the effort and time required for additional esthetic beautification of the website.
  6. Custom technical support available at all times for easier operational support
  7. The Automated Plugin enabled design concept helps in an easy adaptation of the website based on consumer requirements.

    Customized WordPress 

    A Custom WordPress site is very flexible, designed to and built for only one specific website concept. Its theme could be changed according to the developer or the owner’s choice depending on the required perspectives.

    The main principle of a custom WordPress is to allow seamless operational manoeuvrability. The design conceptualized requires no additional coding. If the additional coding effort is implemented, it would rather deteriorate the SEO quality of the overall content.

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    Pros and cons of Custom word press design 


    1. By making custom websites you will get a unique website that no one else has.
    2. Custom websites will adapt themselves to your business needs in a very perfect manner, in terms of design and functionality.
    3. You will get more organic reach because they are SEO-friendly. SEO helps the audience to read the pages properly.
    4. It is more scalable which helps in the condition when your business grows and you need to grow your website too, it adapts very well.


    1. The charge of a web designer is very high therefore it is expensive. You also have to pay further, to get it updated.
    2. It takes more time to build, it may take one month to finalize the site in the desired manner.

    Ready-made WordPress themes preloaded with tools

    Ready-made WordPress themes come with free and paid WordPress theme websites. These websites are already built, and their framework is already set, therefore they are not flexible at all.

    Choosing WordPress themes is the cheapest way to get a website and is pocket-friendly too. Their themes are also used by many others either that are premium or free, so there are no unique features that you get on this website.

    Pros and cons WordPress themes


    1. Readymade WordPress is very budget-friendly, here you can get free themes for your website. So the premium websites here are affordable in price.
    2. It is handy for the people who are working for a shorter period; you could save your weeks or months by using it. Because it is not too lengthy, everything is already set, you just have to think about the framework, add your content and your site is good to go.
    3. The one person who knows the basics of computers can also make these ready-made WordPress themes.


      1. There is a limited source in customizing this type of website because they are less flexible. They only support certain technologies so you can’t add custom technology solutions inside it or could not put themes according to your choice.
      2. They come with very little support, developers or designers have to take care of every aspect of your site which includes troubleshooting, debugging, and solving other issues but most commonly you have to depend upon limited support.
      3. They are not SEO friendly, therefore your content cannot be optimized and you won’t get an organic view.

    Custom WordPress Design vs Readymade WordPress Design Themes


        • Skill and Effort needed for operation

    A custom design requires a minimal amount of knowledge about aspects like CSS, PHP, and Java to create a sound and good theme, thus requiring an onboard developer to assist and teach the concept. Additionally, customization helps in creating a much more user-friendly layout that makes it easier to handle the workflow on a day-to-day basis.

    Whereas in the case of Readymade WordPress design, the majority of the technical aspects that require knowledge of coding and development are already dealt with. The only set of requirements is to input the content and the personalized logo and decide on the font colour, size, and type.

    Verdict – Readymade WordPress themes are hassle-free and require very little effort and time. Additionally, the relative cost of operation and hiring new developers is absent if you choose a Readymade theme.

        • Personalization ability

    Custom Theme design allows one to unleash creativity without any limitations. From additional plugins to editors, there is no bar on the extent of tweaks and changes one can add to the theme. The layout designs can be modified exactly how one wants thus giving the operator a complete reign over the website design.

    Readymade WordPress Theme contains preinstalled design concepts that can only be changed or modified to a very minimal extent. As  the design concept is limited to  only a few selective templates, there is not much personalization possible with Readymade themes

    Verdict – If the primary concern is creativity and control, Custom designed Themes are the best choice.

        • Sustainability and Maintenance

    A custom WordPress theme requires constant additional support to maintain a smooth operation. From handling bugs and security checks to regular updates and modifications, there is a continued work in progress that one needs to e aware of.

    In the case of Readymade Theme, these issues are already handled and taken care of. There is no need to hand over the reign of operations to another developer. Due to the minimal required technical knowledge, the Readymade WordPress theme can be self-handled and maintained for years.

    Verdict – Self Reliance saves money, effort, and time over a long tenure, which is why Readymade themes work well over a longer period.

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    Final Decision

    Choosing between Custom WordPress Design and Readymade WordPress theme isn’t difficult if one decides to base their decision on a few prime factors like Technicality, affordability, maintenance control, design concept, and security.

    Both the designs have their own set of attributes that one needs to consider before implementing them into their WordPress concepts.


    After seeing all the pros and cons of customized WordPress and ready-made WordPress themes, we could conclude that customized WordPress is far better for people who have higher objectives. Those who could afford to spend more money can choose to customize WordPress.

    For those who are looking for search engine optimization, customized WordPress is best for them and it has more flexibility as well. Whereas readymade WordPress themes are good for those who are starting it on a lower level, can’t afford more money.