Importance Of Digital marketing Services

With the world getting digitalized and the number of people going online increasing every day, the importance of digital platform can be understood.

Marketing is an ever going process for any sort of a company.

Combining the above two points, if we say that we found a definition of Digital marketing Services then it wouldn’t be wrong. Digital marketing is nothing but marketing using online platform. To target the customer where they spend most of their time online is called Digital marketing like reading, surfing, shopping.

But now the question arises whether digital marketing is suitable for all types of businesses?

Well, without a doubt, YES it is! Digital marketing is suitable for all types of businesses. Be it B2B business or B2C business, everyone wants to reach maximum to maximum number of people. With number of industries increasing and competition on its peak, each and every business wants to be on the top. But how? Only through marketing. But where do you market? Where the reach is large. Hence, pointing out that there is no better concept than digital marketing to enhance your reach without any boundaries.

Any person residing in USA can look for Digital marketing in India through a website. What’s bigger than that?

Going with the trend is extremely important for a business to continue. An outdated business tends to fail. Therefore, it makes vital for everyone who wants to digitalise their business so to get the maximum reach and best possible results and to become the king of the industry, to understand why Digital marketing is the future of India:

  1. Continuous increase in the number of internet users:

People are nowadays are heavily dependent on internet for everything. Just a click and everything is at your door steps. With 259.88 million internet users in 2015 to expected 511.89 million users in 2022, the online world is rapidly growing. Digital marketing gives a huge platform to those who wants to promote their business online and reach maximum of people.

  1. Government “Digital Bharat” initiatives:

With government playing a major role in promoting digital marketing and making India a “digital India”, there lies no question as to why one should not go ahead with Digital marketing Services.

Gem- Government E-marketplace is one of the e-commerce portal initiated by government where anyone can register their products and increase their presence.

  1. Affordable:

Digital marketing Services is very different from traditional marketing, where we need to spend thousands to lakhs of rupees to get promoted. Digital marketing Services is much affordable as compared to traditional marketing. Creating an ad on Facebook hardly costs around ₹40 per day, which is nothing. Average cost per click is ₹0.52 to ₹2.3. Spending lakhs of rupees on a single ad and spending just ₹40 per day can give good results.

  1. Higher reach and engagement rates:

With Digital marketing Services, there is no boundation of reach. Giving a simple example, can you connect to a person in USA using Facebook? The answer is yes. So why can’t you market? Since, there are “n” number of people on social media, it becomes very much convenient for a particular niche of business to target as much number of people as possible.

  1. Decline of conventional marketing:

Conventional marketing is at continuous decline from the starting of the century. The main drawbacks of traditional marketing are that

  • It is very expensive
  • Reach is very limited.

Since what a company expects is completely opposite of what traditional marketing offers. It becomes difficult for businesses especially small businesses to spend lakhs of money.

Digital marketing Services is the most powerful tool when used. So if you thinking of going digital, then it’s the right time for you!