Tips To Consider While Rebranding A Business

Rebranding is a whole new effort from thinking of a name for your brand to creating a value that it will offer. It is a marketing strategy of establishing a new name, symbol, design, concept or a combination of any of these. But why is it done when the brand is established? It is done to create a new image of the brand in the minds of its stakeholders.

There is a myth that rebranding is just done to wipe off the negative image of the company in the market while this is a half-truth. There are times when Companies like Apple opt for rebranding because they feel that the company has now evolved beyond its previous identity and is now ready to achieve new heights.


  • First and foremost, you should have a clear ideaas to why you need to rebrand so that you can focus on what all is needed to reach new heights.
  • Choose a proper brand name- Since your old brand name is already established, you cannot take thing for granted as it will affect both your new name and old brand name. Your new brand name should be consistent with your new product and services. Also, there are some legalities which you need to follow in case of rebranding. You must keep in mind that you do break any rules and regulations and laws as established.
  • Be different, be clear and be specific – The main purpose of rebranding is to create a unique image of the company in the minds of stakeholders. For creating a unique image, the name and logo of the new brand should be also unique and clear. It should be specific enough for the customers to easily understand the niche of your brand and relate to it.
  • Always take into account the experience of users – Everything is fine like the purpose of rebranding, name and symbol but on the other side it is very important to know your customers, their problems and challenges they face. With old surveys, analytics, interactions with customers and through other sources of data which can help you to know your customers and come up with a concept that is beneficial to its stakeholders.
  • Educate your customers – Always tell your customers about your new brand in advance for them to get prepared. Educate them about your brand name, product and other services that you tend to provide. Do not surprise them with your brand as it can create a lot of questions in the minds of customers and chances are that they might not be satisfied. Always try to solve the queries of customers because it is important for a new brand to have its customers satisfied.
  • Teamwork – I think teamwork is something which is required in every field from top-level to bottom. When you take your employees into confidence and inform them about the product, they are much more happy and satisfied. They develop a sense of responsibility and belongingness with the company. Involvement of company’s employee is very important for a new brand to reach heights.

Therefore, a rebranding is holistic and not just design.

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