Digital Marketing Company VS SEO Freelancer – Which Option is Better?

In today’s world Digital Marketing Company providing internet Marketing Services that is critical to the success of any business, and Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the most powerful pillar of online Marketing, which also includes PPC Marketing Services, email Marketing, and other Services.


One of the most crucial components in establishing a solid business foundation is your Marketing approach and plan. You must ensure that your Marketing strategy is highly effective. As a result, anybody you choose to construct your internet presence or Marketing strategy will produce results.


With the growing demand for businesses to grow online, a plethora of SEO providers have developed, including SEO freelancers and SEO digital Marketing organizations. What distinguishes these two types of service providers is their level of experience and expertise. A more skilled SEO freelancer can produce better results than a less skilled digital Marketing agency owner, and vice versa.


There is increased competition for businesses every day on the internet, making effective online Marketing a must-have for those that want to prosper. Whether your organization is big or small, you must be aware that your competitors are already spending in a variety of digital media channels to get a larger online presence, more sales, and a higher return on investment. As it sits alongside email Marketing, PPC, and other forms of internet Marketing, SEO is merely one of the most powerful tips.


A single person can’t handle all of the work that a business owner has 1000 things to maintain and many things to take care of. This necessitates the use of a SEO Services India. As previously stated, Digital Marketing Company in India is essential for survival in the digital age. Because there are so many options, it can be difficult for business owners to decide whether to hire an SEO Company India or an SEO freelancer.

Table of Contents

1. Difference Between Digital Marketing Company VS SEO Freelancer

Let’s look at the main difference between a Digital Marketing Company in India and an SEO freelancer: SEO Company India hires a team of SEOs, content producers, link builders, and project managers to provide all online Services under one roof and provide the best SEO techniques or strategies to their clients. When you entrust your SEO needs to an SEO Company/ agency, you are assigning your job to individuals who are specialists and specialize in the work that you require. SEO Services typically work with a variety of clients. They have encountered various issues, so if your website encounters any SEO-related issues, they will be able to quickly detect and resolve them.

An SEO Freelancer, on the other hand, does not work for a Digital Marketing Company in India or an in-house team. They are masters in this subject as well. They solve your problems with care, pay attention to every detail, and are committed to increasing your company’s traffic, rating, and leads. Suppose the agency’s culture, working style, or hiring of freelance SEOs for their web Marketing demands make you uncomfortable. You can select SEO since freelance SEOs don’t take on as many jobs as SEO companies do and can listen to you more frequently. They are just as responsible and committed as any SEO Company India.  Another advantage of hiring SEO freelancers over SEO agencies is that they are less expensive. So, if your budget is tight and you only need a few Services, you may always save money by outsourcing your SEO needs to a freelance SEO expert.

2. Important Areas To Consider Before Choosing an SEO Freelancer or Digital Marketing Agency

Listed below are the factors which you must consider before hiring an SEO Freelancer or Digital Marketing Services in India:


Cost is an essential consideration. When you entrust your SEO needs to a Digital Marketing Services in India or SEO agency, you can rest assured that they will take care of your SEO issues. They’re perfect for managing large tasks. However, if you choose a respected large firm, the cost may be more. However, in the case of an SEO agency, you must pay for exactly what you use. They have a staff of professionals from which you may choose and employ their Services for a low fee.

On the other hand, hiring a freelancer can be a good alternative if you’re on a tight budget because freelancers come in many shapes and sizes. They are usually recommended or selected for short-term Marketing chores or SEO efforts, but not for large projects. Also, unlike marketing agencies, SEO freelancers are less trusted.

Key Attributes

Because you will be paying for the expertise of an SEO Services India or SEO freelancer, talent is the most important thing to consider. SEO freelancers may or may not have the essential expertise depending on who you hire. It will be difficult to find a freelancer with a broad range of specific abilities, so you may need to look for more than one. It takes time to investigate, assess, and bargain for a good SEO freelancer who fits inside your budget.

A Marketing or SEO agency is an excellent choice if you require a variety of SEO Services and other online Marketing abilities such as social media, PPC Marketing Services and so on. An agency will provide you with a team of professional marketers or SEO specialists, which means a wide range of talents. You can’t always pick and choose who you work with. Typically, the agency assigns a representative to your company.


Management is not a strong suit for SEO freelancers. We can say that Digital Marketing Services in India are better at this than individuals. Because freelancers are not necessarily managers, unlike Marketing companies, which have a wealth of experience and dedicated project managers. An SEO Services India is a good choice if you’re looking for a good manager. SEO freelancers can work on your website, enhance its rating, and supply you with the necessary SEO tactics, but they will never be able to manage your project as effectively as a professional Marketing firm.

Flexibility in Completing Task On Time

Freelancers have greater flexibility. While it is feasible to discover an agency that can work weekends, unusual hours, or during a crisis, these are the exception rather than the rule. The disadvantage is that freelancers are only one person, and if they are working on other projects or have plans that they cannot modify, they may not be available when you need them most. This can be addressed by learning about their schedule and workload outside of the work they do for you, but due to the nature of the problem, it’s tough to plan ahead.

Hiring many freelancers may appear to be the ideal answer, but this would effectively be duplicating what agencies already excel at. While freelancers have greater flexibility with their time, agencies have greater flexibility with their resources. If you have a low likelihood of needing assistance outside of usual business hours, having a guaranteed point of contact 9 to 5 may suit you better.

Good-Efficient Services

The need for a freelancer to provide outstanding service is obviously more personal. It is in the freelancer’s best advantage to push for the greatest results in a short amount of time, which typically correlates to greater results. While agency employees will face similar pressures to excel in their professions, the buck does not always stop with them.

They are, however, much more likely to provide greater structure, convening frequent meetings to review Marketing progress against the official contract and KPIs, and recalibrating as necessary. Due to their larger resources, agencies are usually better suited to shift direction and service levels than freelancers. Trying something new with the same agency is considerably easier than trying something new with a specialized freelancer.

You can always count on being able to speak with someone at a digital agency. This may not seem like much, but there have been horror stories about freelancers disappearing at inconvenient moments.

3. Conclusion

Matebiz can’t claim which is superior to the other. Your Marketing budget will play a significant factor in your choice. Also, the most important factor is to collaborate with an experienced SEO partner. Once you’ve done your homework and determined which party (an SEO freelancer or a Digital Marketing business) has more experience with SEO solutions, go for it. You require an SEO partner who will remain dedicated to your project and will ensure that your online endeavor is successful at all times.

You must make a decision based on these considerations and all of the advantages and disadvantages. Hiring a Digital Marketing Company or white label SEO reseller company can be the ideal alternative if you have a large budget and want to go for a Marketing solution. You will find everything you need under one roof, including people who are capable of completing large tasks on time. It all relies on the size and requirements of your company; you know your business better than anyone else. And if you’re looking for someone who can handle your task with dedication and provide you with regular updates on your project, Freelance SEO could be a good fit for your company.