Fulfill Your Mind with Search Engine Optimization

Digitization has taken over the whole world of Search Engine Optimization agency with its ability to provide information regarding anything to everything, with just one click on the internet. Using this ability to their own advantage is what every business and brand does these days.

Table of Contents

1. What is SEO? Why is it so important?

SEO is the abbreviation for the term “SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION” which refers to the process of optimising one’s business website by use of different tools, so that they appear higher up on SERP, which is, Search Engine Results Page. We will look at the whole process of SEO but first let us see why this is important?

Earlier marketing of a product or service used to be done offline, with the help of banners, pamphlets, brochures and television advertisements. This way of advertising is not very popular anymore and the first and foremost reason for this is technology and digitalisation.

Everyone prefers the comfort of their home over going outside and looking for something, and why would anyone do that when you can actually get pretty much everything from just your room. You can order a dress, or even the dress material to make one for yourself, bring a spa to your home or name anything else, and I assure you there would be a way to get its access to you from your home most of the time.

This is why digital marketing is being so widely used these days. Everyone has mobile phones, and internet connection and they use it to search for everything. 

Almost all the business use the platform of digital marketing these days, and thus it only raises competition. And this is where SEO helps you, because with the help of SEO, you can optimise your content to rank higher and about your competition.

2. White hat and Black hat SEO

It isn’t difficult to guess the properties of each kind of SEO with their names, because clearly white one means good and black means bad. Even the term ‘white hat’ came from western movies and their idea of good guys and bad guys.

The good guys wore ‘white hat’ and were, thus called good people and the opposite term originated for the people in bad. Now let’s try to understand the concept of black hat SEO and white hat SEO with the help of this example.

The White hat SEO refers to the legal set of practices that are used to bring traffic to a website.

The Black hat SEO is opposite as this one uses the illegal means and violates the search engine to rank the page higher on the search engine’s list.

The White Hat SEO maintains the search engine’s integrity, whereas, the Black hat SEO does ignores the human audience and simply stuffs the keywords on the page’s content to fool the search engine into ranking it higher. 

Though it should always be kept in mind that the Google and other search engines have very clearly specified to prohibit using Black hat SEO like scraped contents, cloaking, sneaky redirects,

because it can lead to consequences of you and your website even getting banned from the search engine. 

But yes, alternatives are always available, and even though this isn’t exactly a legal alternate to go with, it is still better than black SEO because this one is not very well specified by the search engines.

Now what is it? Let us give you a hint. What comes between black and white? Grey. Exactly. Grey Hat SEO.

These practices include tactics like creating doorway pages, or submitting to link directories. Yet, White Hat SEO is the best and safest option to go with.

3. Types of SEO

The first and most commonly used type of SEO is On-page SEO. It can also be called On-site SEO as well. This kind of SEO includes the process of optimizing the content of your page, by staying on the website, that is why “on-site/On-page” SEO.

This can be done with the help of inserting keywords and phrases in the website content. You can add these keywords and phrases in metadata and description, alt text on the images, and if you are trying to optimise the content of your YouTube channel, then include the same keywords in the video description, link address of the video, the video title, anchor whatever link you post on your website with the same keywords and phrases, and there are many more such ways.

If you are worried about how to find the correct keywords and phrases, worry not, because there are tons of tools available on the web which can help you find the most appropriate ones for your niche.

Though thorough research is extremely necessary in terms of who your target audience is. 

The next type of SEO is Off-page SEO. And again, just like the name suggests, this kind of SEO is implemented off the page. The process of Off-page SEO would include the whole process of making connections and setting up loyalty which would then work in your brand’s favour.

This leads to your brand getting exposure in front of a large audience. The most common way of getting this exposure is through link building. Link building simply refers to the process of making and earning connections with other famous content makers and sources, who can then help you move forward.

Let’s try to understand this kind of SEO with the help of an example. You must have seen these days, many Instagram influencers promoting a small business and their product through either their posts or stories, urging their followers to check out these products as well and make the purchases.

This is exactly what’s called link building and one of the examples of how off-page seo works. The process of asking different famous brands and influencers to advertise your products and website, which they can do by posting your link on their socials.

Their followers would arrive to your website with the help of those links and this is an example of off page SEO. Another example can be all the pop-up and different kinds of ads you see while browsing on the internet. Arriving on a website by clicking on those ads is another way of Off-page SEO. 

The third up on the list of these types is Technical SEO. The Technical SEO entails within it all kinds of actions that are taken through the help of technicalities to make sure that the search engine crawlers are able to crawl through your website’s content easily and then index and optimise it accordingly for it to rank higher on SERP.

Now this process can include several  factors that are needed to be performed with utmost sincerity for it to help the website get its desired traffic. One of the most important ways to achieve this seo focuses on the website’s speed.

If your website is too slow for the customer or user to navigate through different webpages or if it is down for a long time and very often, then this would most definitely affect your website’s rank.

Why? Because the user is going to be extremely annoyed and would leave your website in the mud-research to jump on other website to get their answers. This leads to higher ‘bouncing rate’ which would tell the search engine that the customer is not satisfied with the website and by the results provided, therefore, leading to the lowering of your rank.

One more factor responsible here can be of mobile friendliness. Not everyone accesses a website through their laptops or pc. More often than not, users try to search for their needs through their mobile phones because it is more convenient.

But if your website is not mobile friendly, that is, it doesn’t work quite well on a mobile phone then it is again going to drive away the customers.

4. Benefits of Hiring SEO Company

Benefits of hiring an SEO company in India are numerous that it is very difficult to jot them down in one para but if we try to let you in on the most common and important ones then these include

(i) communication – discussing every single decision without finalising any step and keeping you up-to-date with the whole process;

(ii) Auditing the website – making surer strategies that are being finalized are working properly and if not then where is it lacking and how can it be improved;

(iii) keyword research– this is one of the most important services an seo agency in India provides, a thorough keyword research by keeping in mind the target audience;

(iv) Technical Seo- technical seo is explained in detail above and this clearly is very important when it comes to optimising the website and its traffic. The other benefits of hiring a Seo service in India includes creating new content, reports on results, improved site traffic, building links and working on advertisements, and many more.

5. SEO Services Provided by the Company

Trying to do implement all the SEO strategies single-handedly is not an easy task and the results can be very confused and might fail to bring in more traffic to the site. But to help you out in this context, there are many SEO company in India who have several teams of experienced people who can guide you in this process. Below are mentioned a few of the services provided by these seo agency in India.

5.1. Website research and analysis

The first and foremost step under the services SEO company in India provides is of researching and analyzing your website, what niche it belongs to, and its target audience.

This includes how your current website is working, what changes do the expert would be required to make and what strategies should be continued?

The research would also include finding out the most appropriate keywords your target audience uses and then put all these research into the work, by keeping in mind the SEO budget as well.

5.2. Working on the content

The next service provided by SEO agency in India would include working on the content. Now this step can include the company itself making content according to their research and experience, or the alternative of this is that company would work directly in contact with the person who is making the content.

This way both the parties can discuss what are the best existing content opportunities for the website and what works best for the targeted audience. The company also makes sure that the content that is created is SEO friendly.

5.3. On-page SEO and Off-page SEO changes

The next step or the service in this process is the changes that are needed to be made in the on-page and Off-page SEO strategies.

On-page one can include deciding how the page titles and descriptions can be optimized? Making sure the right keywords and phrases are used in all the webpages of the site.

Using the right language is very necessary too, this would include using the local language of the targeted audience. Thus, the SEO services in India make sure that the website content is concise, clear and Seo-friendly.

After On-page SEO comes Off-page SEO. This service includes making sure the UX provided us good and the website is working fast. Are the backlinks working properly and if the website is earning links and mentions around the internet according to the strategies. 

There are many more services provided by the Matebiz,the best SEO agency in India but not all can be summed up into one article but what should be kept in mind is that hiring professionals to help you out is not only going to get some weight off your shoulders but would also get you better results and traffic than what would happen if you try to do everything on your own.

Because managing a business and taking care of all aspects of marketing isn’t an easy task to do.