Reasons Why Google Doesn’t Index Your Website

It’s every business owner’s worst nightmare: you open Google and search for your most lucrative keywords. The outcome is displayed on your screen, but sadly. Google isn’t displaying your website. If you’re worried, ask yourself, “Why isn’t my website showing up on Google?” We have the answer!

There are several reasons why Google is not indexing your site, and you are not alone. Many issues can prevent Google from indexing your web pages; here are the most common ones for your consideration. This post also reveals the solutions you will need to implement, and once completed, and Google will begin indexing automatically. If you can still do so, take help from Seo Services India like Matebiz to index your website.

Table of Contents

1. Indicators why Google Doesn't Index Your Website

There are numerous reasons why Google is not indexing your website, which is listed below:

1.1 Less Mobile Friendly Website

Google will index your website if it is mobile-friendly. Content and SEO methods come in second, and intelligent device optimization is critical for Google to index your website. You will fall behind in the rankings if you do not optimize for smartphones and tablets.

The ideal method uses responsive design ideas such as fluid grids and CSS Media Queries. Your users can find what they need without any navigation issues. The hiccups were caused by Google’s Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool, which you may work through. 

Mobile optimization does not have to be complex; simply including responsive design ideas such as fluid grids and CSS Media Queries can ensure that consumers find what they need without encountering navigation issues. If you want to make a mobile-friendly website, use the best Seo Services India to drive traffic to your website.

1.2 Site Loads Slowly

Slow-loading sites make Google less likely to want them to appear near the top of their index. If your website takes a long time to load, it could be due to various issues.

You may have too much content on the page for a user’s browser to handle, or you’re utilizing an old-school server with restricted resources. 

Webpagetest.org – Use webpagetest.org tool to see if the site is loading quickly. You’d clearly see what’s causing the site to load slowly. Identify substantial page speed issues as soon as possible before they cause serious problems.

Google Pagespeed Insights: Using this tool, you may minimize connections, reduce payload size, and use browser caching. Based on extensive insights, improve each component of the site. Make sure your page speed is at least 70.

1.3 Content Usage on Website

Unique content-rich pages are critical for success on Google. Minimal material, on the other hand, falls short of the standards set by your competitors. According to our content and SEO experts, a page with a minimum of 700 to 1200 words will be easily indexed.

Make sure everything on your website is original, informative, and distinctive. If you compromise on those lines, Google will find another site. Aside from that, take extra care to produce world-class material, which is excellent for the success of your website.

Handling Thin Text: Pages with less than 100 words of the content are generally referred to as thin content. Such pages never help the SEO cause and result in low search engine rankings. Google sometimes avoids indexing pages because they lack informative and original material. To optimize your website content and rank it higher on google search engines, contact the best Seo Company India, like Matebiz, to boost the productivity of your website.

1.4 Complicated Coding Language

Google will not index your site if you use a sophisticated coding language. It makes no difference whether the language is old or even current, such as JavaScript, as long as the settings are improper and cause crawling and indexing troubles.

If this is an issue for you, I recommend using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool to see how mobile-friendly your site truly is (and make any fixes that might need to be made). If your website isn’t yet up to their standards, they have a wealth of materials with instructions on all manner of design eccentricities that can arise while creating a responsive webpage. Using renowned Seo Services India like Matebiz will help you build websites per Google recommendations.

1.5 Not well-defined Sitemap

You must utilize a sitemap! A sitemap is a list of all the pages on your website that Google may use to determine what content you have. This tool will ensure that Google Search Console crawls and indexes every page.

Unless all of your pages are currently indexed and receiving traffic, Google is flying blind if you don’t have a sitemap. It should be noted, however, that Google Search Console no longer supports HTML Sitemaps. Nowadays, XML Sitemaps are the preferred format for sitemaps. You want to utilize your Sitemap to notify Google which pages on your site are, and you want to submit it for indexing and crawling. The famous Seo Company India, like Matebiz, will help you to prepare a sitemap and user-friendly website.

1.6 You Don't Have a Domain Name

Google will not index your site because it lacks a domain name. This could be because you’re using the incorrect URL for the content or because WordPress isn’t configured correctly.

If this is occurring to you, there are a few simple solutions. Check to see if your web address begins with “https://XXX.XXX…” This indicates that someone may be typing an IP address instead of a domain name and being redirected to your website. Additionally, your IP address redirection may be incorrectly configured.

One solution is to implement 301 redirects from WWW versions of pages back to their respective domains. We want folks to land on your physical domain name if they are referred here when they try to search for anything like [yoursitehere]. You must have a domain name. This is a must if you want to rank and compete on Google.

1.7 Less User-Friendly

A user-friendly and engaging website is essential for effective SEO. Google will rank your site higher in search results if visitors can quickly locate what they’re looking for and navigate the page without becoming frustrated or irritated.

Google does not want consumers to spend too much time on a page that takes forever to load, has complex navigation, or is difficult to use due to too many distractions (like ads above the fold).

If you only have one product listed in each category rather than several, this could be the reason your content isn’t ranking high with Google! It’s critical to not just target keywords inside each post but also to ensure that all connected postings link back to other relevant articles/pages.

Do your readers enjoy sharing your blog? Is your content wowing your readers? If not, this could be why Google stopped indexing your website. If someone connects to a specific product page rather than using relative keywords like “buy,” “purchase,” and so on, there may be an issue with how other pages link back to that product.

1.8 You Have A Redirect Loop

Another typical issue that prevents indexing is redirected loops. These are often caused by a common misspelling and can be corrected by following the procedures below:

Determine which page is triggering the redirect loop. If you’re using WordPress, look for “Redirect 301” in the HTML source of one of your articles on this page or in a .htaccess file to determine which carrier it’s attempting to redirect traffic from. It’s also a good idea to fix any 302 redirects and ensure they’re set to 301. Use “find” in Windows Explorer (or Command + F on a Mac) to search through all files containing the word “redirect” until you uncover the problem.

2. Conclusion

The importance of content, technical SEO, and links in sustaining your site’s performance trajectory cannot be overstated. However, if your site is having indexing problems, the other SEO factors will only get you so far. Check all the boxes to ensure that you are putting your site out there in the best possible way.

Remember to optimize each page of your website for relevant keywords! It’s also important to check your technical SEO because the better Google can crawl, index, and rank your site, the better your results will be. To drive traffic on your website and boost productivity, get in touch with the best Seo Company Indialike Matebiz.